Webmaster Services

Our services include the fundamental areas of managing your website

With our services we provide:

  • Updating your website content
  • Managing your website content
  • Email account management
  • Email support
  • Online store updates and management
  • Providing backup procedures
  • Insure the security of your data
  • Cost affordability
  • 24x7 support
  • Direct access to your webmaster
  • Experienced Webmasters
  • A single point of contact for easy communication
  • Commitment to customer service and quick turn-around time
  • High-end web hosting if needed

Experienced Webmaster

Our Webmasters and Developers are focused on website management. They work with multiple websites daily and this is one of the advantages of choosing our Webmaster Service. Learn More

Full Backups for Easy & Fast Data Retrieval

We will create a backup of your website once a month, which can drastically reduce the time it take us to set-up a new website for you if you’re ever experiencing issues. Learn More

Upgrades to Security & Plugins

Maintaining an up-to-date installation is key to avoiding hackers and viruses to get to your website. While on our Webmaster Service plans, we will routinely perform security updates to make sure all plugins and core files are up-to-date in order to minimize your risk of a hacker attack. Learn More

Call or E-mail Your Changes to your Webmaster

Simply e-mail or call in with your changes, and we will make sure that they get implemented. You can have any authorized personal send the latest news about your company or updated promotions you would like to see implemented on your website. Learn More

Our Webmaster Plans are on an automatic recurring billing schedule, all include no startup fees! If your not satisfied cancel at anytime by emailing us at support@upkeepme.com

Included With Service

  • New promotions
  • Blog posts
  • Images and corrections
  • Upload of text and images
  • Google Analytics setup
  • Security updates
  • Backups

Service Restrictions

  • Delivery time will be set once all content is received
  • Development is a separate service
  • Graphic work is a separate service
  • Content creation is not included